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Welcoming Stacy Zemen: A Contributing Author to "Healing Mind, Body, & Soul: Recovering from the Trauma of Addiction"

Updated: May 24

We are delighted to welcome Stacy Zemen, one of the remarkable authors featured in "Healing Mind, Body, & Soul: Recovering from the Trauma of Addiction." This powerful compilation book, published by Clipston Publishing, brings together authors who courageously share their personal experiences, offering diverse perspectives—from family members navigating the impact of addiction to individuals on their own path to recovery.

Stacy Zemen contributes a poignant and deeply personal narrative of resilience and transformation. From a young age, Stacy felt like an outsider, a black sheep in her family, and struggled to find a sense of belonging. Despite being a talented athlete, a smart student, and, in hindsight, she states, “Now looking back, though I couldn't see it at the time, I was pretty too,” she never felt comfortable in her own skin. While other girls dreamed of marriage and children, Stacy longed for freedom—a concept she later realized was foreign to many who had never felt trapped.

Stacy Zemen
Stacy Zemen aka Stace Fizzy

It was no surprise to her that she would turn to drugs and alcohol shortly after starting high school. For Stacy, substance use provided a sense of normalcy and happiness that she had never experienced before. It made her feel invincible, able to express her true feelings without fear, and to live recklessly without considering the consequences. However, as reality set in, the consequences of her actions became unavoidable. Frequent blackouts led to concussions, broken bones, car crashes, and property destruction. Stacy had trouble with the law and spent time in psychiatric wards as her life spiraled out of control. Despite multiple rock bottoms, her turning point wasn't a single dramatic event but rather a gradual realization that her way of living was unsustainable.

The key to Stacy's recovery was connecting with a therapist who validated her feelings and pain, helping her understand the root causes of her struggles. This relationship marked the beginning of a long and arduous journey of self-discovery and healing. Over the past 20 years, Stacy has dedicated her life to becoming the kind of person who could have helped her back then—someone loving, caring, compassionate, and grounded. She now understands the underlying causes of mental health issues, addiction, and other self-destructive behaviors, and she strives to make the world a safer place for others.

Stacy's mission is to share her truth, her story, and the wisdom she has gained through her experiences. She hopes to inspire others on their healing journeys and to be a beacon of safety and understanding for those in need.

Together, we can inspire healing, ignite hope, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

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