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A Healing Humanity Books & Media Community Project


Healing Mind, Body, & Soul:
Recovering from the Trauma of Addiction

You can support the Healing Mind, Body, & Soul: Recovering from the Trauma of Addiction compilation book & seminar through sponsorship or donation. This powerful compilation features the voices of individuals who share their stories around addiction, trauma, and healing. Each narrative is a beacon of hope, breaking the silence around trauma, ending the stigma associated with addiction, fostering a culture of compassion, and sharing hope.


Join us at the Mary Irwin Theatre in Kelowna, BC, on November 13, 2024, for a book launch celebration and seminar. The event will feature harm reduction and recovery advocate Guy Felicella, along with authors Pam Rader and Luke Wiltshire. Connect with recovery organizations and other attendees to share insights and support.

Sponsor Us

Sponsoring this book and event provides a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in communities affected by addiction. Your support not only helps bring vital resources to those in need but also promotes your business as a compassionate leader dedicated to social responsibility. Join us as a sponsor and be part of a meaningful movement towards healing and hope. Email publisher Teena Clipston to request a Sponsorship Package.

Donate to this book project & seminar

Every contribution counts, no matter the size. By donating to this project, you're playing a crucial role in spreading awareness and supporting those impacted by addiction. As a token of our gratitude, all donors will be recognized on a special thank-you page in the book, immortalizing your generosity for years to come. Thank you for being part of this journey towards healing and hope.

*The donation button below will take you to Paypal (You may need to login to your account), click on the send button and enter any amount you wish to donate.

Thank you for helping with this community project.

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