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Unlock the Craft: Explore "A Garden of Thieves" with Author Dean Unger at The Book Club’s Inaugural Event

Updated: Jan 20

Clipston Publishing and Word Quest are thrilled to present the first event in The Book Club series: "The Book Club with Author Dean Unger." Immerse yourself in historical fiction with Dean Unger, renowned author of the gripping novel "A Garden of Thieves, Vols 1 & 2."

Event Details:

· Title: The Book Club with Author Dean Unger

· Date: March 10th, 2024

· Time: 3:00 PM PST

· Location: Zoom (Link provided before the event)

Join us for an interactive exploration of "A Garden of Thieves", a riveting tale set against the backdrop of British Columbia's untapped social history. Unger, a local of Vancouver Island, weaves a compelling narrative inspired by the Texada Land Scandal, offering readers a rare glimpse into the often-brutal spirit of colonialism during the 19th century.

Key Highlights:

· Uncover the rich history of British Columbia with a novel inspired by actual events.

· Explore the Texada Land Scandal, led by Amor De Cosmos, a one-time BC Premier.

· Delve into murder, greed, bigotry, and aspects of social injustice that contributed to and helped to shape the region's narrative.

· Learn the mechanics and architecture of a well-researched literary historical fiction novel.

Benefits for Writers

Are you a writer looking to self-publish or seeking inspiration for your next project? Join this Book Club event with author Dean Unger and gain valuable insights into:

· Writing Process: Learn about Unger's approach to crafting engaging historical fiction.

· Research for Historical Fiction: Explore the techniques of blending fact with fiction seamlessly.

· Character Creation: Discover how to breathe life into your characters, making them unforgettable.

· Crafting an Engaging Outline: Get tips on structuring your narrative for maximum impact.

· Capturing Your Reader: Learn techniques to keep readers hooked from the first page to the last.

Event Features:

· Interactive Session: Engage in a live discussion with Author Dean Unger.

· Pre-Event Discussions: Join our private Facebook group for insightful pre-event discussions.

· Open Q&A: Readers can ask questions directly to the author during the live event.

Exclusive Offer: Secure your spot for this enriching experience. Limited space available. Tickets are $20 USD. 


How The Book Club Works:

1. Purchase the print or eBook on Amazon: "A Garden of Thieves, Vols 1 & 2".

2. Join our private Facebook group for pre-event discussions.

3. Attend the live event for an open Q&A with Author Dean Unger.

The Book Club promises a unique opportunity for writers and readers alike, providing exclusive access to the author's wisdom and fostering a community passionate about British Columbia's rich First Nations and colonial history.

For media inquiries or additional information click here.

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