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Turn Existing Content into a BOOK!

Self-publishing offers a wonderful opportunity for people to turn various types of existing content into a book. There are numerous creative ideas beyond traditional fiction novels or memoirs. Here are some different types of ideas that people can transform into their own self-published book:

Blog Compilation: If you have been maintaining an engaging blog on a particular topic, you can compile your best posts, add new content, and organize it into a book format.

Tim Coats turned his inspirational blog ( into a book with Clipston Publishing!

"Teena recently completed a self-published book project for me, including copy editing, graphic design, typesetting, and cover design. I am thrilled with the work Teena did. I especially appreciated her attention to detail and creative insight. The cover Teena created perfectly complements the theme of this nonfiction book. Teena completed the work in a timely manner, keeping me in the loop for every step. I would definitely recommend Teena’s services."

- Tim Coats

Here are some other great ideas on how to turn existing content into a book:

Recipe Book: For individuals who are passionate about cooking or have a popular food blog, they can gather their favorite recipes, add personal stories or cooking tips, and create a delightful recipe book. There is no better way to save and share Grandma's recipes!

Photo Album or Travel Memoir: Travel enthusiasts can turn their adventures into a travel memoir by combining their stories with captivating photographs taken during their journeys.

Wedding Memories: Newlyweds can curate their wedding photos, share anecdotes, and include details about the special day to create a keepsake book celebrating their love story.

Inspirational Quotes or Affirmations: If someone has been sharing motivational content or quotes online, they can compile them into a book with photos to inspire and uplift readers.

Personal Development Guides: Those who have shared self-improvement tips or life lessons on blogs or social media can consolidate their knowledge into a comprehensive guidebook.

Art Collections: Artists and illustrators can showcase their artwork in a visually stunning coffee table book, accompanied by commentary on their creative process.

DIY and Craft Projects: Crafters and DIY enthusiasts can create a guidebook featuring step-by-step instructions for their most popular projects, along with helpful tips and variations.

Poetry or Short Stories: Writers who have been crafting poems or short stories on various themes can curate their best pieces into a poetry or short story collection.

Travel Tips and Recommendations: Frequent travelers can share their travel expertise by compiling destination guides, travel tips, and recommendations for fellow wanderers.

Personal Essays: Individuals who enjoy writing personal essays on various topics can bring them together in a thought-provoking essay collection.

Family History and Genealogy: Delve into the family's roots and document the history, anecdotes, and genealogy to create a cherished family book with all your family photos.

Parenting Tips and Anecdotes: Parents can share their parenting journey, lessons learned, and helpful tips in a parenting guidebook. Or perhaps a book of your child growing up, to gift him when he is an adult!

No matter the type of content you have already created, with a little organization and creativity, you can turn it into a beautiful self-published book for the world or for your family to enjoy. These types of books make great gifts and provide everlasting memories. Happy writing and publishing!

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