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Your Story Matters: Addiction Compilation Book

Updated: Mar 15

Our mission is to raise awareness about the impact of the opioid crisis on families and communities while unlocking the power of healing. 

Through shared narratives, we aim to foster hope and resilience in those affected by addiction and the trauma it causes family members. Together we can make a change!

Your Story Matters

Join the compilation book

Unveil and share the Power of Transformation through your story in this inspirational and powerful compilation book that explores the impact of addiction on families and individuals.

Although our mission is to raise awareness about the opioid crisis, we are accepting content that deals with all addictions, as our main objective is to share healing journeys.

who we are

Published by Teena Clipston of Clipston Publishing in partnership with author Pam Rader and founder of Loving Your Addict support group. Joined by Rusti L Lehay, writing coach and developmental editor, and Virginia L Lehay, finishing touches editor.

are you a good fit?

We are looking for individuals with a positive healing story to share who welcome being part of a team. You will contribute one chapter to the compilation book, approx. 2500 words in length. Our editors will work with you to make your story shine. The deadline for your first draft is May 31, 2024.

benefits, royalties, & fees

Joining offers benefits beyond our community-healing mission. You'll become a published author, gain credibility, and receive media exposure. Authors get 30 complimentary books to sell or give away, with shared online sale royalties. Fees cover some expenses; sponsorship options available—ask for details.

book launch in Kelowna, BC

Our goal is to launch the book in September 2024 in Kelowna, BC. We anticipate a celebratory gala evening featuring guest speakers, engaging conversations on healing, and community strategies for homeless addicts. Authors will receive complimentary tickets for their families. Contact us to get involved.

To learn more visit this page and fill out the form or email

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