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Welcoming Luke Wiltshire: A Contributing Author to "Healing Mind, Body, & Soul: Recovering from the Trauma of Addiction"

We are delighted to welcome Luke Wiltshire, one of the authors featured in "Healing Mind, Body, & Soul: Recovering from the Trauma of Addiction." This powerful compilation book, published by Clipston Publishing, showcases authors who courageously share their personal experiences, offering a diverse range of perspectives—from family members navigating the impact of addiction to individuals on their own path to recovery.

Luke Wiltshire
Luke Wiltshire

Luke Wiltshire, one of the contributing authors, shares a poignant story of resilience and transformation in his chapter. Luke's childhood unfolded in idyllic surroundings until the age of eight, when he encountered abuse from outside his family. The trauma, fear, and confusion remained suppressed for years, eventually leading him to seek solace in alcohol during his early high school years. Despite maintaining a facade of strength, the pain ran deep.

Upon graduating from high school, Luke found himself trapped in a vicious cycle of alcoholism, despite six attempts at treatment. Desperate to numb the anguish, he turned to MMA fighting, where he found a temporary outlet for his anger but also became entangled with unsavory characters. This dark chapter of his life reached its climax with a horrific abduction and torture by a Russian gang, leaving him for dead in a freezing cabin. Miraculously surviving this ordeal, Luke continued with his life of crime until he was arrested and incarcerated just over three months later. While in jail, he faced yet another brush with death when he was violently stabbed by another inmate. It was then that his spiritual awakening occurred. Luke's desire to use drugs and alcohol abruptly vanished.

This marked the onset of Luke’s commitment to aiding others in their own quests for healing. Motivated by a deep-seated desire to make a lasting impact, he returned to school, completing the Addictions and Social Service Worker program. Currently, Luke serves as a dedicated caseworker at Kelowna's Gospel Mission, extending crucial support to marginalized individuals grappling with addiction and mental health challenges. Proving that no matter how bad life gets, healing and recovery are possible.

Beyond his professional role, Luke co-facilitates a support group named "Loving Your Addict" every Thursday evening and holds certification as a Life Coach specializing in addiction recovery. Actively engaged in continuous learning through online courses, Luke is committed to honing his skills to better serve others.

As Luke approaches a milestone of ten years of sobriety on August 1st, 2024, he also nears the completion of a memoir detailing his life's journey and experiences. To delve deeper into Luke’s inspiring journey, stay connected with us for updates on the release of "Healing Mind, Body, & Soul: Recovering from the Trauma of Addiction." Additionally, we invite you to join us at our gala book launch celebration in Kelowna, BC, where keynote speakers will offer invaluable insights into recovering from addiction and trauma. Date TBA.

Together, we can inspire healing, ignite hope, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

To get involved in this project, contact Teena Clipston.


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