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Clipston Publishing Transforms into a Full-Service Publishing Powerhouse

Offering Authors a One-Stop Solution for Their Literary Dreams

[Vancouver, BC] — Clipston Publishing, under the dynamic leadership of Teena Clipston, renowned Publisher, Graphic Design Artist, Writer, and Editor, is proud to announce its evolution into a full-service publishing company, catering to the diverse needs of authors, from aspiring writers to seasoned wordsmiths.

For over two decades, Teena Clipston has been a guiding force in the publishing industry, offering invaluable support to authors on their journey to self-publication. Her expertise extends to every facet of the publishing process, from typesetting and captivating cover design to graphic excellence, eBook creation, copy editing, and inspirational guidance. Teena's unwavering commitment to her clients has been instrumental in bringing their literary visions to life.

As of 2023, Clipston Publishing is setting forth on a groundbreaking mission, transforming the way authors experience publishing. What sets this evolution apart is the introduction of full-service book publishing, a comprehensive solution for writers who find self-publishing either too complex or time-consuming. This new offering includes ISBN allocation, meticulous book design, professional editing, targeted marketing strategies, website creation, and seamless distribution, all under one roof.

"I have always strived to empower authors, and I've observed firsthand the challenges they face on their path to becoming published authors," Teena Clipston shared. "With this expansion, I aim to provide a complete and hassle-free publishing experience, ensuring that authors can focus on their craft, while we take care of the rest."

Clipston Publishing's commitment to its clients remains steadfast, as Teena Clipston will continue to work closely with authors at every stage of the publishing process. This personalized approach distinguishes Clipston Publishing from other companies, as they collaborate directly with their clients, ensuring their literary dreams are realized.

In an ever-evolving publishing landscape, Clipston Publishing is dedicated to being a beacon of support for authors, bridging the gap between imagination and publication. Whether authors seek self-publishing expertise or the newfound full-service publishing offering, Teena Clipston and her team are prepared to guide them to success.

For more information about Clipston Publishing and their expanded services, please contact Teena here.

About Clipston Publishing:

Clipston Publishing, led by Teena Clipston, is a publishing company with over two decades of experience in helping authors bring their literary works to life. Offering comprehensive self-publishing services and now full-service book publishing, Clipston Publishing is dedicated to empowering authors and providing the tools they need to succeed.

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